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  The hairstyle of Uma Thurman's character Mia Wallace was loosely modeled after Louise Brooks, a silent film actress of the 1930's, and is known as the Louise Brooks bob (although Uma's hair is a bit longer but the style is the same). Brooks was also considered one of the first naturalistic actors in cinema compared to many other silent film performers of the day.

 I mention Inglourious Basterds here because as Katie said after the show, "Quentin Tarantino has been reading your blog." Which is to say that the movie is chock full of references to G.W. Pabst, Emil Jannings, German Expressionism and an allusion to Louise Brooks ("There is no Dietrich, there is no Riefenstahl, there is only von Hammersmark!").


4. Si vous étiez un personnage ?

Anna Karenine, mais incarnée par Greta Garbo. Ou Miss Europe, le personnage de Louise Brooks dans Prix de beauté d'Augusto Genina (1930).


9. Si vous rencontriez Tarantino, qu'aimeriez-vous qu'il vous dise ?

Qu'il reconnaisse avoir volé de nombreux plans à mon père (Dario Argento). Notamment dans Kill Bill Volume 2, où il a littéralement copié Ténèbres.